The Fish Shop

John Brack (Australian, b.1920, d.1999) - Artist
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60 x 70.8 cm
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Gift of the Trustees of the Museum of Modern Art and Design of Australia, to the National Gallery of Victoria 1981. Transferred to Heide Museum of Modern Art by the Council of Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria 2005.
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1956: Melbourne, Modernity and the XVI Olympiad; Juliana Engberg; 1996

John Brack; Kirsty Grant; 2009

The Heide Collection - Heide Museum of Modern Art; Linda Michael; Nov 2011
John Brack: A Retrospective Exhibition; Robert Lindsay, Ursula Hoff, Patrick McCaughey; 1987
Heide Through Time; 2016
The Australian Club Exhibitions & Selected Works from the Collection: Volume 2; Jason Smith; 2014
The Heide Collection (revised edition 2022); Linda Michael, Lesley Harding, Brooke Babington, Kendrah Morgan, Sue Cramer, Melissa Keys; 2022

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