Angel with Sparkling Red Tummy

John Perceval (Australian, b.1923, d.2000) - Artist
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35 x 21.8 x 21.5 cm
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Gift of the Trustees of the Museum of Modern Art and Design of Australia, to the National Gallery of Victoria 1981. Transferred to Heide Museum of Modern Art by the Council of Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria 2005.
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John Perceval; Margaret Plant; 1971
Of Dark and Light: The Art of John Perceval; Barrett Reid; 1992
John Perceval; Traudi Allen; 1992
Sunday's Kitchen: Food and Living at Heide; Lesley Harding, Kendrah Morgan; 2010

The Heide Collection - Heide Museum of Modern Art; Linda Michael; Nov 2011
delinquent angel: John Perceval's Ceramic Angels; Damian Smith, Kirsten Paisley; Aug 2014
Modern Love: The Lives of John & Sunday Reed; Lesley Harding, Kendrah Morgan; 2015
The Heide Collection (revised edition 2022); Linda Michael, Lesley Harding, Brooke Babington, Kendrah Morgan, Sue Cramer, Melissa Keys; 2022

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